A Brief Look at the Testimonials and Reviews Available For the vivo V20


With the new generation of mobiles, like the Sony Ericsson XPERIA Mini, Nokia Xperia S and Samsung Galaxy S, we get new widgets such as the vivo V20. This handy little gadget helps in managing the camera calls, manage the contacts, text messages and all the necessary features that are present in the handsets of the latest phones. Users of this gadget would love the ease to perform multiple tasks with just one single hand. This is how the vivo V20 stands out from the crowd.

The vivo V20 has a unique and interesting multi-tasking features. It comes with a six mega-apixel camera with an auto-focus, phase and pixel auto-shot modes, a wide angle camcorder and high-speed image recording modes. These are the main selling points of the phone which makes it unique.

In the side the vivo V20 also comes with a unique and interesting feature – a triple camera setup. The front camera is of the normal size and there is also a faint sound of the rear camcorder. When you touch the screen, the software menu appears and the users can switch between the front and rear cameras through pressing the buttons at the bottom of the screen. This facilitates an easy transfer of data between the two cameras. The stereo earphone jack, volume control, flashlight and navigation key are also present in this camera setup. vivo v20

The vivo V20 review helpful hints and tips such as the fact that the memory card can be expanded upto two terabytes but it is not available in all the variants. This is because there are some particular cameras which do not support the expandable memory card option. One notable camera which does not support the memory expansion option is the Sony Ericsson XPERIA Mini Pro. But this can be overcome by upgrading the memory card in your handset. Other than this, other benefits of the vivo V20 include its high-quality video camera which offers smooth recording process along with clear and resolution imaging.

When we proceed further to the review of the vivo V20, we come across three more impressive features. This device is capable of connecting to a computer or a laptop via a USB cable. There is a battery check display which reveals the time left by the cell phone. There is also a built-in bar code scanner which helps when you need to purchase products which are specific to your country. Last but not the least, the handset also offers dual stereo earphone jack and a high-definition camera with an anti-shake feature.

In the review of the vivo V20, we find out that it provides clear and vibrant pictures with decent clarity. The sound quality on the handset is also good and there is no distortion. Another notable feature is the absence of fingerprint recognition on the vivo V20. The selfie camera of the handset is also impressive as it can shoot multiple images at the same time. Apart from this, the battery of the handset runs for over two hours.

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