Comparison Between the OnePlus 9R 5g and the Opposestone 5G


When you buy the OnePlus 9R, you will get a stunning phone that is not only stylish but also has a lot of features and applications. It is one of the first devices to use the Android 11 platform, which has been released earlier this year. The phone is extremely light, weighing in at just 272g. The beauty of the device is that it is made up of two beautiful pieces – the home button and the camera module.

The design of the phone is modern and attractive, thanks to the dual display which offers a smooth user interface. Apart from the stunning looks, the OxygenOS based smartphone offers great functionality. You can get the hands-on experience with the powerful oneplus 9R5G that comes with a nice features list and plenty of applications. You can check your email, play your favorite games, listen to your favourite music, share your photo’s online and a lot more things when you buy this handset.

This handsets comes with a spacious in-display fingerprint scanner, a big and bright capacitive smart key, a large home button and a secondary power key. The Oxygen OS software comes with a lot of attractive features like an Intellicore processor, support for tons of applications including Gmail, Yahoo mail, IM, Myspace and many more. This handset gives you the freedom to do almost everything with the one touch ‘home’ button. The Oxygen OS comes with a unique design and provides a nice user experience with its unique elements such as the on-screen keyboard, the large notification panel and the customizable homescreen

The oneplus 5g comes with a large pixel resolution and a huge Adreno GPU along with the MSM interface that supports both the snapchat and qraw files formats. It has a dual band airwaves that can help it stream faster and give better coverage than the MSM based models. It has a quad core processor that works flawlessly and the Adreno is the best mid-range mobile processor that can perform flawlessly even in the toughest conditions.

The OxygenOS also has some interesting extras such as a notification LED, a built-in browser, unlimited storage space for photos and videos, a built-in voice dialer along with a nice screen capture slider, the ability to use the HTC Sense application along with the HTC Tone Engine and a really great memory management system with the backup and restore facilities. On the contrary, the snapdragon 870 5g has really nice looks with its glossy metallic finish and large text fonts. The memory and the storage are not that good but it has all the standard features that come along with the handset such as the Quick Panel, the HTC Sense, a built-in browser, unlimited storage space, a nice LED flashlight and a decent battery life. That is why the Oxygen OS comes out  OnePlus 9R 5G  as the better option with this handset.

Both devices have the Adreno hardware that can support some powerful graphics. However, the Oxygen OS uses the interface from the snapchat engine and the default wallpaper from facebook. This might be a good feature for the first users but after the first use, the internal storage of the OnePlus gets filled up very fast due to heavy media usage. However, the developers of the device have provided a good amount of additional memory and even an extra gigabyte worth of RAM so that you don’t face the problem of running out of memory. The RAM of the device will also enable you to run two or more apps at the same time without any hang-ups.

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