What Is the Best Smartphone to Buy?

How in Synch do you need to be?

Everyone has favorite smartphones because their smartphone has become an extension of their life. It is not just about what the phone can do as far as allowing you to stay in touch, surf the Internet, maintain business practices, watch videos or play games – it has everything to do with how well your phone plugs into your life. Every smartphone operating system from iOS to Android to RIM and so one comes with a synching app that lets you connect to your main computer and coordinator contacts and calendars and files automatically. oppo f11 pro

Apple even calls it an “ecosystem” and the best smartphones of 2012 are going to allow you to stay connected to the fullness of your life even when you are out and about. Make sure that the smartphone you buy has a compatible operating system to the one you use at work and at home. This will allow the smartphone to do what it does best and provide you with portable access.

Apps and Access

The simplest way to put this is that iPhones have the most secure apps, Android has the most apps and nobody ever really talks about Windows apps at all. With the right apps even cheap smartphones can be a perfect fit. The other thing you have to look at is the Internet access capabilities of the smartphone. 4G is becoming more and more standard. Smartphones require a data package with a carrier anyway so paying for 4G access is really not a big deal.


There are a couple of design elements to look for when trying to pick out the best smartphone to buy. For starters, don’t go for any model that has a screen smaller than 4.3 inches, there is just no reason for a screen to be that small anymore. You also want to make sure that the screen is made of Gorilla glass or has some type of protective covering, especially if you are looking at a touchscreen smartphone.

Some of the best smartphones of 2012 feature both touchscreen and a QWERTY keyboard but you want to make sure everything is protected. Mind the camera size as well. Read smartphone reviews to find out what the size of the rear camera is on the phone, anything over 8 megapixels is going to be bulky and cause the phone not to lay flat.



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